Japanese Knotweed Northern Ireland
Japanese Knotweed Northern Ireland
Removing Japanese Knotweed Northern Ireland
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Control Methods of Japanese Knotweed in Northern Ireland
Training and Awareness

Can’t I just zap it with a bit of weed killer?

Here’s the catch – it doesn’t react like normal weeds to herbicide treatment.
It needs to be hit with specific herbicides, using particular application techniques and adhering to the correct season for the most effective results.

The techniques we most commonly use to include

  • Foliar herbicide application using a range of approved chemicals
  • Direct stem injection
  • Root Barrier containment and exclusion. Especially useful along boundaries and below finished surfaces, using patented Japanese Knotweed Root Barrier

Control in sensitive areas:

Japanese Knotweed grows very well in river and shore side locations. Legislation controlling the use of herbicides states that application of herbicide commercially requires operator training and independent certification through the NPTC system (National Proficiency Test Council) to attain your PA1 foundation module and PA6A your application module. The application of herbicide in areas adjacent to water requires a specialist certification “bolted on” to your standard NPTC certificate, which is the PA6AW.

Types of location

Hill sides, river embankments, waste ground, landfill sites, areas of special scientific interest(SSI), RSBP bird sanctuary and protected areas, development ground, private gardens, hospitals, universities, housing folds, schools, port side docks, lough shore estuary, cemetery’s,  nature areas, council housing sites, and so on…………

Japanese Knotweed isn’t fussy where it grows and we’re not fussy where we treat it. Our task is to track and treat it wherever it is!