Japanese Knotweed Northern Ireland
Japanese Knotweed Northern Ireland
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  Japanese Knotweed in Northern Ireland

What’s the big deal?

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive species which in itself doesn’t automatically mean that it is going to be a problem to you. There are numerous invasive species in the UK and Ireland, so what’s the deal with this one?

Well, when you consider the potential for JK to cause damage to property, render houses difficult to sell or mortgage, and development sites un-economical to develop, you start to realise the problems this plant creates as it grows. So the two main problems this beautiful plant can create are financial burden and damage to property.

…but it’s only a weed isn’t it.

Yes, but it just happens to be a weed with an amazing ability to colonise areas and exploit weaknesses in structures, pushing up through hard paving surfaces, force it’s way around pipe work and into new buildings and dislodging hard features. It is often flagged up in house or commercial property surveys as a problem; this in turn leads to nervous mortgage and lending companies who phone us!

Japanese Knotweed in Northern Ireland

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