Japanese Knotweed Northern Ireland
Japanese Knotweed Northern Ireland
Removing Japanese Knotweed Northern Ireland
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Control Methods of Japanese Knotweed in Northern Ireland
Training and Awareness

Training and Awareness Courses

Our company also delivers training and awareness courses on Japanese Knotweed. They run on demand and are popular with project managers, surveyors, estate managers, architects, specifiers and anyone in general who may come into contact with Japanese Knotweed and needs to be aware of the problems it may bring to a project or site. They run in small groups and are what we would term “hands on”. - Part classroom based, part site based.

We expect candidates to leave the course knowing what the offending plants looks like it all its guises and at different times of the year. Control methods, treatment equipment and management planning can all be covered.

For those who wish to go on and treat it, as trainers and registered NPTC Assessors, we can offer NPTC PA1 and PA6A and PA6AW Training and Assessment to cover the mandatory requirements for pesticide application in the UK and Northern Ireland.
We hold demo models of all the various stem injection equipment currently available in the UK. Candidates can familiarise themselves with it during the practical session.

Continual development of systems

One of our aims is to ensure we use and promote the most effective systems for the treatment of Japanese Knotweed in Northern Ireland. For the past 3 years we have been monitoring our chemical formulations and concentrations of chemicals. This year we have been trialing different types of Stem Injection equipment as it hits the UK market.

Our business is the control of Japanese Knotweed, an integral part of our business is to monitor, explore and develop our control techniques. It is not simply enough to follow; we have spent years working with herbicides, equipment and sites and watched how different treatment systems work. It is a continual and ongoing part of our business. We are always adding to our collection of publications, books and research papers on JK treatment. We attend conferences, seminars and talks and meet with others who are happy to share their knowledge as we are with them.

Isn’t it better to know you’ve got the most effective and efficient treatment technique – we think so!